It is emerging that Theresa May’ ‘deal’ with the DUP is of a ‘confidence and supply’ nature. So what does that mean?

A confidence and supply agreement is an agreement whereby a party or independent member(s) of parliament will support the government in motions of confidence and appropriation or budget (supply) votes, either by voting in favour or abstaining.


So Mrs May can call in the 10 votes needed to support budgetary decsions and block votes of ‘no confidence’.

Really – this is a fudge. It’s not about being elected with a mandate, it’s about cooking the books. What do the DUP get out of this deal?

Also, as was pointed out in a comment on my Facebook timeline, where does this leave the ‘Good Friday Agreement’ with Northern Ireland? It states that the UK Government needs to stay neutral in Northern Ireland affairs. One wonders how this arrangement with the DUP will actually work?

A mismarriage of convenience that may well create discord, disharmony …


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