UK Election 2017

UK Election 2017

Still reflecting on events of Thursday Night/Friday Moring…

So Mr Corbyn – well done, it seems that directness, honesty and integrity still have a place in British Politics.

To those members of the Labour Party who publically lampooned and challenged their leader two comments.  Imagine what you could have achieved if you stepped off your quasi-conservative/middle-ground hobby horses and embraced socialism supporting your leader. AND as you now return a strengthened opposition position celebrate the leader that kept you your jobs.

To the Media whose presentation of Mr Corbyn was more about personal attack than political policy – one hopes you are able to put your Press Cards where the sun doesn’t shine. The power you wield as professional journalists brings the responsibility of challenging rhetoric; questioning jingoism and being the voice that asks the difficult questions.

Finally to Mrs May

You gambled and failed. The sacking of your advisors and the things we will start to hear about their attitudes were supported and employed by you. If you can’t manage your own advisory team how the hell can you manage a country?

A minority Government forming an alliance out of desperation (to keep your own parties position)  with a political party whose core philosophies seem to be out-of-sync with the voice of the British public further undermines the illusion of power you feel you have.

If as you have said you are a servant of the country and hence the people, you surely must recognise that the mandate you sought to strengthen has crumbled.



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