Brexit rumbles on…

Brexit rumbles on…

If I cast my mind back to last year and that vote, I have a memory of Mr Corbyn suggesting that if ‘that was the will of the people’ then he would move in that direction. Yes I know I am paraphrasing…

However we have a Labour Lord and well as the media harping on about Corbyn’s dissension on the Brexit.

Surely the issue in this General Election was about party manifestos and promises on other challenges in this country. So the question now is how can a Government sacrifice key elements of their manifesto in order make a mismarriage of convenience. This morning on Politics Today one Tory said the issues around Women, Abortion, Gay Rights could, in effect be overlooked, so that the confidence and supply agreement would work.

So in effect Theresa May is happy to put aside tracts of English Law (The 2010 Equality and Diversity Act) in order to maintain a hold on her position.

Moreover if we accept that the Conservative votes, which admittedly were more than those for Labour, were based on the Conservative Manifesto then surely she will already have to break promises.

We will end up with a Parliament of the Living Dead wherein May will fear bringing forward policies for sake of being defeated…

Go figure …


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