Where is the Disharmony?

Where is the Disharmony?

It has certainly been a week of emotional turmoil. We’ve had the fall-out of the Hung Parliament, still to be resolved, and perhaps on a more immediate emotional/human level the loss of life in the Grenfell Tower Fire.

As I mentioned on my radio show this morning I am pleased that, thus far, no political party as used this as a political gambit even though the issue is a political one.

With the fire services saying that they ‘have never seen anything like this’ and using terms like ‘unprecedented’ we see grief turn to anger –  and this is an anger that at the moment is perhaps, seeking to ‘blame’ rather than ‘explain’. All of which is totally understandable…

All of which is totally understandable…

To those who were victims of this disaster, the emergency services who attended and the communities that continue to support all we can really do at this point is to send our empathy, love and wishes.

However, in the aftermath of yet another terrible incident, we see something very special and wonderful.

People at their best …

Humanity at, perhaps, their finest…

Christian, Muslim, Sikh – White, Black, Afro-Carribean, Indian, Pakistani, British – all working together drawing upon their compassion for another human beings suffering. United in grief, fear and the desire to ‘do something’ for one another. There was no call from an elected or otherwise nominated ‘leader’ but organisers grew out of the immediate need. Human beings, Homo Sapiens bringing their energy, skills and talents to the fore.

There was no call from an elected or otherwise nominated ‘leader’ yet organisers grew out of the immediate need. Human beings, Homo Sapiens bringing their energy, skills and talents to the fore.


Telegraph News 


Human beings, Homo Sapiens bringing their energy, skills and talents to the fore.

And for one beautiful moment, there were no borders; no religious barriers, no politics, no disharmony.

Does that make you think?

At our core perhaps Humans want a simple life…

To be able to support themselves and their families; to be able to have food, clothing, shelter; to be able to enjoy life on this wonderful planet; to gaze at the stars and breathe deeply of the air. To have tokens of exchange so that they can benefit from the skills, talents and produce of others; to believe what they want to and give others the respect to believe something different…

And then some ‘leader’ appears with a story that tells them (us) that there are battles to be fought; ideologies to squash and other leaders who need to be removed from power.

Perhaps it is the leaders – religious, political, spiritual, sceptical, national who look through the lens of disharmony and tell us that the world cannot be that simple.

OK, I grant you that some members of the Human Race have questionable motives and worrying ideologies. Like the commentator on a Cornwall Live Newsfeed who responded to the news of Grenfell Tower, by stating that we ‘didn’t have to worry’ because those affected were ‘terrorists and asylum seekers‘. To

To me, this commentator is an ignorant bigot who has nothing but vitriol to contribute to the evolution of our species. Comments of that ilk, which are based on ignorance, prejudice and fear, need to be challenged. If our ‘leaders’ were true leaders perhaps they would look at their communities and work to expose those with such antediluvian opinions.

Leadership is, perhaps, less about leading people by forcing your ideologies upon them and more about challenging those who are the root cause of disharmony. Of course, that means there as to be a lot of soul-searching and taking of responsibility.

As a species, we do not seem to be able to learn socially from our political, philosophical, imperialistic or militaristic past.

We explain current disharmonies on the actions of our ancestors and their ignorance of humanitarian values as if that excuses the continuance of the conflict.

We defend our position like children in a playground who choose to hit back rather than look at their own behaviours which may have been, in part, the cause of the conflict.

When we will as a species wake-up to the fact that we are all connected; we share ancestral maternal DNA; we live on the same small sphere of blue floating in the wondrous expanse of the Cosmos.










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