The Cost of Allies 

The Cost of Allies 

So DUP and May have made a deal and already collective nostrils are flaring and voices are being raised.

Surely the £1 billion price tag must raise some very serious questions not least wher the hell did that money come from?What kinda nod of democracy do we have when allies required to prop-up a minority government are allowed to siphon off a not inconsiderable amount of money from the collective coffers?

Ok, I may be politically naive and slow to recognise that this is the way business is done within the shadowy halls go Government – but my ignorance of such process does not make such processe ethical or moral.

I have received no reply from my local MP, nor Mrs May regarding questions asked a week or too ago, and yes I know there’s been so many other terrible, and more immediate things to deal with. However I was not the only one voicing those questions, and today’s announcement raises so many more. We have a goverment that promotes distrust; ignores legitimate questions regarding legality of what is promoted and continued to raise gasps of incredulity from the people as each day passes. When will this lack of accountability come to an end? Our MP’s are elected to serve the people or so I  believed.

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