The Cost of Allies II

The Cost of Allies II

It’s gone quiet, hasn’t it?

That £1 billion paid to the DUP….

I must admit I was expecting more of a backlash within Social Media than I actually witnessed. Again the fickleness of those who shift attention from news byte to news byte.

On the 27th June Channel 4’s Martin Williams compiled a FactCheck on the news story. It provides some interesting reading.

“The UK Government is prepared to make additional financial support.” – which suggests that this is not from existing budget headings and allocation. It is additional money – but from where?

“We can afford this because we have a strong economy after seven years of Conservative Government.” – so, this being the case, why are we not seeing additional finance to Hospitals, Emergency Services, Education?

“To avoid extra borrowing or cutting into departmental budgets, the Treasury are likely to dip into their emergency savings.” – again the same question as above, if there’s money in the kitty why the continuance of heavy handed ‘austerity’ measures?

“There’s no extra money for Scotland, Wales or England. And critics of the DUP deal have pointed out that Northern Ireland is already the best funded UK region, in terms of spending per person.” – so all those Brexit promises to replace funding that will be lost from EU grants are as illusory as the money we were told we’d gain from Brexit.

Remember …

“during the election campaign, Theresa May told a Nurse that wages for NHS staff could not be increased because “there is no magic money tree”.

No, there is a £27 billion contingency fund, the same fund by the way that Jeremy Corbyn would have tapped into to lift the wage freeze across the public sector. The challenge that was mounted in the House of Commons this week by the opposition was, it seems to me, side-swiped by Mrs May suggesting a few hours before the vote that the Pay Sector freeze would be placed ‘on hold’ until further discussions could take place in September.  

What some might see as a positive move, seems to others as cynical delaying tactic – something we’ve seen a lot of in recent weeks.

The morality of the Government is in question; their values skewed and their public accountability seems to have evaporated as easily as manifesto promises.

It occurs to me that if there is a contingency fund, and let’s face it that’s not a bad idea, surely it should be used to support the country and not prop-up a struggling political party! 

By the way, on the issue of my letters to my local MP and Mrs May about the ‘legality’ of promoting views that are, I feel, in contravention of the 2010 Equality and Diversity Act I have not even had an acknowledgement of receipt.



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