Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

An oft repeated question, and more so as we feel more summers fading into winter.

One wonders if such a question is simply a statement about how time is being perceived, our lives racing by, or whether it actually carries the echoes of regret.

As I write I’m listening to Sandy Denny who is asking the same question.

Sandy Denny_headerHer voice and wonderful lyric made more poignant by the fact that this singer/song writer died at the age of 31; a scant year after the birth of her daughter.

There are numerous stories about her death. Some say that she may well have been suffering post-natal depression, some that drinking was at the root of some of her problems. Nevertheless on a visit to her parents in Cornwall, she fell down some stairs and suffered  head injury. Following the incident, she suffered from intense headaches; a doctor prescribed her the painkiller dextropropoxyphene, a drug known to have fatal side effects when mixed with alcohol.

On 17 April, Denny collapsed and fell into a coma while at friend Miranda Ward’s home. Four days later, she died at Atkinson Morley Hospital in Wimbledon.

Her death was ruled to be the result of a traumatic mid-brain haemorrhage and blunt force trauma to her head.

She was 31, and the birth of her daughter allowed Denny’s personal demons come to the fore…

She left a musical legacy from her involvement with The Strawbs, Fairport Convention and four studio albums recorded between 1971 – 1977.

So the question ‘who knows where the time goes’, seems to have a deeper resonance for me when I think about and listen to her music.

Who Knows Where the Time Goes – perhaps that’s not for us to question, but by and by we will ‘meet on the ledge’….

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